Chalmers Studentbostäder

Chalmers Studentbostäder owns and manages 2000 student and researcher apartments in Gothenburg. Our apartments are situated in attractive locations close to the city centre and the universities. We are investing in the future and plan to increase our portfolio with 1000 new apartments by 2020.

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Sustainability Policy

9 September, 2016

– Our goal is to own and manage student and researcher housing on a long term basis and therefore it is natural for us to act responsibly when it comes to sustainability. The policy is designed to aid us in planning our activities and our daily work with a focus on sustainability, says Joakim Wallin, Managing Directors of Chalmers Studentbostäder.


Meet Mia and Zazu

7 June, 2016

Our Web reporters Christoffer, Amalia, Patrik och Gustav have now finished their interviews in which our tenants speak about what it's like to live with us and study in Gothenburg.


Come on out into the yards and gardens!

20 April, 2016

– Welcome outdoors to enjoy the spring. We have now planted spring flowers in pots, bulbs in the flowerbeds and the grass is growing on the lawns, says environmental host Susanne Hedlund who further states that