Chalmers Studentbostäder

Chalmers Studentbostäder owns and manages 2000 student and researcher apartments in Gothenburg. Our apartments are situated in attractive locations close to the city centre and the universities. We are investing in the future and plan to increase our portfolio with 1000 new apartments by 2020.

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Problem with the cable TV at Sångsvanen and Blåelden

29 November, 2016

At the moment there is a problem with the cable tv at the areas Sångsvanen and Blåelden. We have reported the fault to Bredbandsbolaget and they are working on finding a solution. As soon as we hear something from Bredbandsbolaget we will update the information on My pages. Best regards Chalmers studentbostäder


New rental rules

21 November, 2016

The Board of Directors has now established the rental rules which will apply when we leave Boplats and switch to our own queuing system. The most important changes are linked to queuing, which differs largely in relation to how the current rules are designed.


Cooperation with WW-Städ

17 November, 2016

We have started to cooperate with the cleaning company WW-Städ. This cooperation has started in order to make it easier for our tenants since we receive a lot of questions regarding if we can recommend a cleaning company.