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Keys/ordering keys

When you move in you will receive keys to your apartment and post box. You will also receive two, so-called, Aptus-tags, electronic tags for communal areas, and the swimming pool. Your key is an object of value, so please be careful. If you lose your keys, you will have to pay for the changing of locks. A tip is to have your keys in pockets or inside pockets that can be properly closed. If you have any questions or need help regarding your keys, please contact our customer service office.

If you lose your key

If you lost your key or if they were stolen, contact us as soon as possible. We need to change the locks on your apartment and remove the access on your Aptus-tags. As soon as you notice that your key is missing – contract us! This is for you and your neighbors’ safety.

Do you want to order extra keys or Aptus-tags? Please contact our customer service office and we will help you. The only person who can order extra keys is the one who is the primary tenant. Don’t forget to bring your identification.

Are you unable to collect your keys when moving in?

If you cannot collect your keys yourself the day you are moving in, you can authorize someone else to do it for you. To authorize another person to collect your keys, please fill out this form of authorization. The authorized person needs to bring their identification when collecting your keys!