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Business concept

Our business concept

Our business concept is to offer students in Gothenburg an attractive home with a fair rent, that is close to Chalmers. Our business main operation is “…, acquiring, building, constructing, renovating and managing properties to provide student housing and associated communal facilities.” Excerpt from the foundation’s statutes.

Chalmers Studentbostäder owns and maintains more than 2000 student and scientist apartments in Gothenburg. The apartments are located close to Chalmers Campus Johanneberg or Camps Lindholmen. From all of our buildings, you can easily go to central Gothenburg, either by riding your bicycle or by public transport.

We aim forward and are working actively with sustainability and new constructions. The demand for student housing is high in Gothenburg. Therefore, our goal is to build 1000 new student apartments until 2026. We are taking big leaps towards our goal, you can read more about our projects here.

At Chalmers Studentbostäder, our philosophy is to have close contact with our tenants and to be sensitive to their needs. We aim to offer the most attractive student housing in Gothenburg. Chalmers Studentböstader operates as a foundation and is not profit-oriented to the same extent as a commercial enterprise. Instead, surplus profits are reinvested in providing safe high-quality housing for our tenants. During 2015 we introduced a new property system to enable us to offer our tenants higher accessibility and better customer service.