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The Building

These apartments are located in the urban quarter Landala, on the address Kapellgången 1 and 6. It is a short walk to Chalmers Campus Johanneberg and the bus and tram stop Chalmers and Kapellplatsen, with several buses and trams.

Type of Apartments

Living area Amount Description Monthly rent incl. additional costs1
16-35 m2 71 Studio with kitchenette 3 861 – 6 400 kr
30-48 m2 4 2 bedroom flat with kitchenette 5 209 – 7 237 kr
56 m2 2 3 bedroom flat 9 855 kr

1 Additional costs refer to fees to the Board of Trustees and the Internet

The above rent is for 2024 and regards regular, unfurnished, apartments.

Basic rent and monthly rent

As a tenant, you will get a payment slip every month which makes the living expense predictable. The rent is invoiced 12 months/year.

The basic rent fee is built up from the rent of the living space, heating, and hot water.

On the payment slip, the obligatory fee to the Council of Trustees is added, the cost of this is 10 SEK per month. Internet and Cabel-TV are not included but can be purchased through Framtidens Bredband, which you can read more about here!

The table above refers to the total rent per month, including additional costs of internet and fee to the Board of Trustees.

Furnishing, appliances, and fixtures

All of the apartments are unfurnished. The kitchen has a stove with an oven, refrigerator, and freezer, the bathroom is fully tiled. Some of the apartments have a balcony and some have a French balcony.

Storage Unit

There is a storage unit for all of the apartments It is also possible to rent a separate storage unit, however, this is not in the same building.

Parking facilities for bicycles and cars

Just adjacent to the front door, there are outdoor bike racks for tenants and visitors. There is no reserved parking space for cars.

Laundry room

A communal laundry room is situated on each floor level with student apartments. The laundry rooms each consist of a washing machine, a tumble dryer, and a hot air-drying cabinet. The room is accessible around the clock and bookable outside of the laundry room.


A postbox per apartment for receiving mail is available on every floor.

Recycling and waste-handling

As a tenant, you can sort and fraction your household waste in or close to the building. In the corridors, there are special garbage chutes for household waste and composted waste. Adjacent to the building there is a special recycling room where you can leave all types of recyclable fractions.

Your housing host

Fredrik Kågefors is your housing host and will help you with fault reports and inspections of the apartment. Faulty reports are done through My Pages.