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Fire safety

In case of a fire: SAVE – WARN – ALERT – EXTINGUISH

Preventative efforts

The responsibility for fire safety in our building lies on both us and our tenants. Therefore, we carry out regular supervision of fire protection measures and check evacuation routes, smoke alarms, fire doors, lighting, and fire protection appliances and we also ensure that no items are stored in communal areas. Here are some preventative efforts:

  • Never leave your stove on if you are not using it.
  • Remember to extinguish candles before leaving your apartment.
  • Do not throw cigarette ends or other flammable materials in the garbage room.
  • Clean the kitchen fan regularly.
  • Check your smoke alarm regularly.
  • Make a habit of closing doors to communal areas such as basements and attics. This reduces the risk of both fire and burglary.


Smoke alarms can save lives

All our housing is equipped with smoke alarms. If there is not a smoke alarm in your apartment, please contact your housing host immediately to have one installed. As a tenant, you are responsible for regularly testing that your smoke alarm works. You do this by holding down the button and after a few seconds, the alarm will activate. If the alarm is not working try to change the battery. If it still does not work you must report the fault to your housing host. Alarms at Gibraltargatan 78 and Gibraltargatan 80 have non-changeable batteries and if they are not working you must contact your housing host immediately.

Evacuation alarm

If you live in a building with a communal evacuation alarm you must evacuate the building when you hear the alarm. This alarm is connected to a staffed alarm center which will send a response team to the building.

If you see fire contact the Emergency Services immediately on 112.

Do not place any combustible items in stairwells or communal areas

In the event of a fire, stairwells are your way out and the Emergency’s Services’ way in. A fire can lead to severe consequences and therefore all communal areas must be kept clear of combustible material. It is not allowed to store property, park bicycles, or leave any other items in communal areas such as stairwells, laundry rooms, corridors, etc. These areas must be clear for evacuation, and for the Ambulance and Emergency Services to access the building.


Barbecuing on balconies or adjacent to buildings is not permitted. Please use the barbecue facilities at our outdoor areas instead.