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Electricity and heating

As a tenant, you won’t need to sign an electricity agreement. Instead, electricity is bought jointly. In some apartments, the electricity and heating are a fixed cost and is included in the rent. However, in some apartments, there is individual electricity metering and the cost of electricity consumption is added to the rent. Today, our provider of electricity is Din El, and the price you as a tenant pay is our actual cost. In the price, fixed and variable costs are included and also costs for both electricity generation and network. We purchase the service from Göteborg Energi.

Too hot in your apartment?

We use district heating in all of our apartments. This is adjusted so that the temperature lies between 20 and 21 degrees Celsius. The sun and summer temperature can raise the temperature in your apartment. Here are five tips to lower the temperature:

  • Roll down the blinds or curtains.
  • Open your windows during evenings or nights, since the outside temperature is lower at this time.
  • Shut down your computer and other electronic devices since they generate heat.
  • The window ventilators in your apartment should be open.
  • If you want to you can buy an AC or fan, you will have to pay for this yourself.

Too cold in your apartment?

When the outside temperature changes quickly, your apartment might get cold. The heating system needs to adjust, and this can take a couple of days. Here are five tips for you to keep the heat in your apartment:

  • Is your sofa, bed, etc., close to the radiator? Furniture close to a radiator blocks the heating from the radiator.
  • Pull down your curtains or blinds.
  • Are your window ventilations closed? Open them! They create circulation in your apartment which affects the quality of the air and the temperature.
  • Open your windows for a short period, rather than having them just a little bit open for a longer period.
  • Please check the sealing strips around the windows and doors now and then. If you feel a draught, they might need to be changed. Please contact your housing host or report a fault.

If you feel that it is very cold or cold for a longer period, please report a fault here. We will come to your apartment and adjust the temperature. If you want to, you can measure the temperature yourself. It should not be colder than 18 degrees Celsius.