Hoppa till innehåll

Waste disposal

Your waste is much more than garbage. However, it can sometimes be hard to know how to sort your garbage, that is why we put together a guide for you. If you want to know more or need additional help, please click here. If there is waste that you can not recycle in your recycling room, there are communal recycling bins behind the house located on Gibraltargatan 94. Thank you for recycling and helping us towards a better environment!


Everything made of organic material is compost, this is for example:

  • Leftovers from meat, fish or shellfish
  • Eggs and eggshell
  • Leftovers from greens or fruit
  • Cut flowers and houseplants
  • Kitchen paper
  • Coffee grounds, coffee filter, and tea-leaf


  • Plastic bags
  • Chip bags
  • Refill
  • Fish in vacuum bags (Salmon etc.)
  • Shampoo and conditioner containers


  • Juice boxes in paper
  • Milk packages
  • Package for coffee filters
  • Package for multiple sodas/beers
  • Package for pasta


  • Cooking oil in a glass
  • Flasks in glass
  • Perfume in glass (the lid is usually in glass, metal or plastics)


  • Bottle cap
  • The tin foil on crème
  • Fraiche Boxes for canned food