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Chalmers Studentbostäder is introducing new tenancy rules

Given the current shortage of accommodation, we have revised our tenancy rules. Under the old tenancy rules, it was easy to meet the study requirements for obtaining accommodation by taking single courses, which has made it harder for anyone studying more extensively to obtain accommodation. We wish to reward active students, and so our board has decided to revise the tenancy rules by increasing the study requirement.

 Parts have also been clarified or added in the new tenancy rules, which will apply to all contracts starting from 1 June 2024. One of these points is that more students study on distance learning courses now than when the old tenancy rules were devised.  
This means that distance learning will be accepted if students are actively studying at Chalmers University of Technology and/or the University of Gothenburg and live in the apartment agreed with Chalmers Studentbostäder.

Transitional conditions have been drawn up in which we explain how the new tenancy rules will affect students who already occupy our accommodation and which parts apply to everyone.

The new tenancy rules, the old rental rules and the transitional conditions are presented below. 

Tenancy rules