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Gibraltargatan 78

Photo: CFFC/cffc.se

The Building

This student housing is located across from the fitness center Fysiken, and close to a green area. The building is within walking distance to Chalmers Campus Johanneberg and a grocery shop. On Gibraltargatan 80 there is a pool everyone living with Chalmers Studentbostäder has access to.

Type of Apartments

Living area Amount Description Monthly rent incl. additional costs1
26-31 m2 182 Studio with kitchenette 5 532 – 5 956 kr
36-70 m2 24 2 bedroom flat 6 842 – 9 972 kr
76-102 m2 2 3 bedroom flat 10 963 – 13 219 kr

1 Additional costs refer to fees to the Board of Trustees and the Internet

The rent above is for 2024 and regards regular, unfurnished, apartments.

Basic rent and monthly rent

As a tenant, you will get a rental slip every month which makes the living expense predictable. The rent is invoiced 12 months/year.

The basic rent fee is built up from the rent of the living space, heating, and hot water. The individual messurement of electricity is charged separately. On the payment slip, two costs are added, for the obligatory internet connection, and also an obligatory fee of to the Council of Trustees, the total cost of this is 150 SEK per month. All of the apartments have broadband with a speed of 1000 Mbit.

The table above refers to the total rent per month, including additional costs of internet and fee to the Board of Trustees.

Furnishing, appliances, and fixtures

All of the apartments are unfurnished. In every apartment, there is a refrigerator and a freezer, and a complete kitchen. The bathroom has a tile floor and tile walls. Some of the apartments have a terrace.


There is a separate storage unit inside every apartment. It is also possible to rent separate storage.

Parking facilities for bicycles and cars

In the basement of the building, there is a locked bicycle room with one reserved space per apartment. Just adjacent to the front door, there are outdoor bike racks for visitors. The car park, for both tenants and visitors, is located at the Emilsborg housing complex.

Laundry room

The communal laundry room is situated on floor levels 1 and 4, each consisting of a washing machine, a tumble dryer, and a hot air-drying cabinet. The room is accessible around the clock and bookable via My Pages or outside of each laundry room.


A postbox per apartment for receiving mail is just inside the front main door on the entrance floor.

Recycling and waste-handling

As a tenant, you can sort and fraction your household waste in the building, where you can sort paper, plastics, metal, glass, household waste, and food waste. For waste that can’t be fractioned adjacent to the building, there is a communal recycling station located at Gibraltargatan 94.

Your housing host

Anette Friberg is your housing host and will help you with fault reports and inspections of the apartment. Faulty reports are done through My Pages.