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Bicycle storage and parking facilities

Many of our properties have a locked bicycle room in which you can keep your bicycle. There are also outdoor bicycle racks where you can keep for your bicycle. Please, do not park inside the property, in the corridors or stairwells, etc. These areas need to be kept clear to allow access to the ambulance or emergency service in case of an emergency.

A good tip is to mark your bicycle and write down the bicycle frame number. If your bicycle gets stolen it will be easier for the police to identify your bicycle. Also, invest in a proper bicycle lock.

To prevent our bicycle rooms from becoming full of discarded bicycles, the Council of Trustees carry out a clear up twice a year. They will inform you in time when the clean up will occur, and what you need to do before.


Unfortunately, we don’t offer any parking spots for rent. If you wish to rent a parking spot, please contact the parking company who is in charge of the parking outside your apartment.