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Gibraltar Guesthouse

The Building

Right next to Chalmers Campus Johanneberg, with the address Gibraltarvallsvägen 2, you will find this newly formed building. Spread out over six stories there are 100 individual student apartments, with a bus stop right outside and a short bike ride to the city center. Gibraltar Guesthouse is primarily for international master students and guest researchers at Chalmers University of Technology. As a tenant, you will get access to the pool located at Emilsborg, at Gibraltargatan 80, which is within walking distance.


Credits: Meet one of our tenants at Gibraltar Guesthouse. The video is by “We are Chalmers”. Our purpose for sharing it is to show case the apartment. All apartments at Gibraltar Guesthouse are the same size and have the same floor plan but it can be inverted depending on where it is situated in the building.


Type of Apartments

Living area Amount Description Monthly rent, including additional costs1 Floor plan2
28 m2 100 Studio with kitchen 6 037 SEK (6101 VAT)

1Additional costs refer to fees to the Board of Trustees, internet, furniture, electricity and hot water. Please note that the costs are based on your consumption and thus the total rent can look different from month to month.
2 Depending on where in the building the apartment is located the floor plan might differ.

The above rent is for 2024.

Monthly rent

As a tenant, you will get a payment slip every month which makes the living expense predictable. The basic rent is built up from the rent of the living space, heating, hot water, and electricity. The table below shows what your Monthly rent is built up from.

Base rent 5 305 SEK
Internet 165 SEK
Furniture 300 SEK
Electricity* 160 SEK
Hot water* 97 SEK
Council of Trustees 10 SEK
Monthly rent 6 037 SEK

*Electricity and hot water is charged in the monthly rent but the amount for hot water and electricity will be amended after we have measured your actual usage. If you use more than the standardized amount, it will be added to your payment slip after about 2 months. However, if you use less than the standardized amount, this amount will be deducted after about 2 months. Please note that 25% VAT is added to electricity and hot water and calculated on the invoice, in this example the VAT becomes 64 SEK ((160+97)*0.25). The amount on the rental invoice then becomes 6037 + 64 = 6101 SEK.

In this property we apply IMD. Read more about how it works here.

Read more about the individual measurement (IMD) of household electricity and hot water.

Furnishing, appliances, and fixtures

All of the apartments are furnished. Every apartment is equipped with a single bed including a bedside table, chairs, Kitchen table, armchair and lights, a stove, an oven, a fridge/freezer, a cooker hood, blinds, a shower curtain rail, and a clothes hanger. Chalmers made an apartment tour in one of our apartments in Gibraltar Guesthouse, which you can see above this section.

Storage Unit

Every apartment has a storage unit inside the apartment, there is also room for bicycles.

Parking facilities for bicycles and cars

Bicycles can be parked in each apartment. There is no parking for cars that are just for tenants, but there are other parking facilities close to the building.

Laundry room

A communal laundry room is situated on the ground floor. This room houses three laundry stations each consisting of a washing machine, a tumble dryer, and a hot air-drying cabinet. The room is accessible around the clock and bookable outside the laundry room. We have taken the next step towards environmentally friendly living and will start using automatic detergent dosing. This means the washing machines will provide you with detergent for every wash and you do not have to add your detergent. Furthermore, it is not possible to use softener.


A postbox per apartment for receiving mail is just inside the front main door on the entrance floor.

Recycling and waste-handling

As a tenant, you can sort and fraction your household waste adjacent to the building.

Guest researchers

Housing for Guest researchers will not be published on our webpage. They are administrated separately by the institution International Staff Mobility at Chalmers (ISMO) and Student Centre in collaboration with us. We do not choose who will be offered apartments for guest scientists and international master students. This is done by ISMO and Student Centre.

Guest researchers at Chalmers should contact ISMO for the housing queue and questions regarding housing. Note that you will also need to register in our housing queue. Go to My Pages to register in our housing queue.

Read more here:

International master students

International master students at Chalmers should register in our housing queue. Go to My Pages to register in our housing queue.

Read more here:

Your housing host

Michelle Monteiro is your housing host and will help you with fault reports and inspections of the apartment. Faulty reports are done through My Pages.