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Pool area and sun terraces

Pool area

The pool area is, in consultation with the board of trustees, closed 1/1 2023 – 31/8 2023 due to maintenance. More information is available on My pages.

There is a pool area at Gibraltargatan 80 which is equipped with a swimming pool and men’s and women’s sauna. As a tenant you have the possibility to get access to the pool. You need to book your time on my pages or on the booking board in the entrance of Gibraltargatan 80 to use the pool area. You have a maximum of 8 booking per month. The booking times are 2 hours. In order to access the pool you need the Aptus tag that belongs to your apartment.

Please note that the burglar alarm starts 30 minutes after closing time and the person who haven’t left the room and is the reason for the alarm being triggered will be invoiced for the security call.

As property owners we have many laws to follow, for example the rules of procedure. Therefore, in order to use the pool, you have to read through and accept the hygiene and rules of procedure. You will then get access on your Aptus tags for one year, after that you need to visit us in order to prolong it. If the rules are violated the access will be removed.

Apply for access to the Pool here

The pool

The pool is approximately 16 meters long and 7 meters wide and with temperatures are between 29–30 degrees. During certain periods (for instance, in summer) temperatures are lowered to save energy.

The sauna

To turn on the saunas for 2 hours, press the timer located by the glass panel between the changing room and the pool.

Hygiene rules and the rules of procedure

  • Take off your shoes at the shoe limit.
  • Always shower before entering the pool.
  • After the shower you must change to clean swimwear. It is forbidden to bathe in underwear or clothes made of cotton.
  • After visiting the toilet or sauna you must shower and wash yourself again.
  • You cannot wear swimwear in the sauna. Only use a clean towel to sit on. You must also shower and wash yourself with soap before using the sauna.
  • If you have been ill in stomach flu you must wait one week before using the swimming pool.
  • Swimming equipment such as swimming goggles, flippers etc. should be clean and intended only for use in indoor swimming pools. Other equipment cannot be used.
  • When using the pool, you are doing it with the knowledge that the pool is not supervised and that there is no lifeguard. Swimming is at your own risk.
  • The pool cannot be used by single bathers, but there must be at least one other person present in the pool area when bathing in the pool.
  • Activities that can cause personal injuries or damage to the pool are not allowed.
  • Your right to use the swimming pool means that you can bring one guest. You are responsible for this person following the hygiene rules and rules of procedure.
  • Filming or taking photographs is not allowed in the swimming pool area.
  • Smoking and use of drugs or alcohol is forbidden in the swimming pool area.
  • Respect and show consideration to other visitors.
  • All sort of glass or porcelain items are forbidden within the swimming pool area.
  • You are not allowed to keep the doors to the facility open.
  • Do not leave any waste.
  • It is not allowed to go in or bathe in the pool after closing hours. The swimming
    pool is alarmed, and we will charge the one who causes a guard call.

To report faults or other issues please notify our faulty report/day service. It is open around the clock. The phone number is 031-772 97 97.


Sun terraces

Our properties on Gibraltargatan 80 and Kemivägen 7 have sun terraces on the roofs which tenants who live at Gibraltargatan and Kemivägen may use. The terraces are popular in the summer and they are also open on New Year’s Eve to view the firework displays in the city.

For access to sun terraces, you need to sign a form requesting to extend access to your Aptus tag. You will find the form in the Documents File!

Prohibited from staying on adjacent roofs

The roofs are alarmed around the clock and are directly connected to guards. Note that the terrace is also alarmed outside the opening hours stated on the terrace door.

In the event of unauthorized presence on the roof, this may entail legal obligations, such as forfeiture of the lease contract with CSB and possible costs.