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Guest Researcher move in

Welcome to Gothenburg! Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden and has a lot to offer when it comes to social events, exploring city life as well as nature.

If you have any questions regarding your tenancy contract, please contact the International Staff Mobility Office (ISMO) at ismo.stodet@chalmers.se. Questions regarding your tenancy contract can be concerning extending your tenancy contract or terminating your tenancy contract.

Collecting your keys

Keys can be picked up at our Customer Service Office upon presentation of valid ID, at 14.00 on the first weekday after the contract takes effect at the earliest. If the contract starts on a holiday you can move in on the next coming weekday. The researcher or a representative of the institute named in the contract can pick up the keys.

If you cannot collect the keys during our opening hours, you can send a friend. If that is the case, you need to fill out this form for a friend to pick up the keys for you.

If you arrive by bus the nearest stop is “Chalmers”. For more information about public transport in Gothenburg, please view: Vasttrafik

Rent and payments

The rent stated includes *electricity, *hot water, furniture, Internet connection and Board of Trustees at Chalmers Studenthem tenant association fees. The 12% VAT payable in the Guest House (Eklandagatan) is also charged in the rent. You can pay the rent by card at the Customer Service Office.

*For Gibraltar Guest House (Gibraltarvallsvägen) the electricity and hot water are charged in the total rent, but after we have measured the actual usage, we will amend the invoice. If you have used less than the standardized amount it will be deducted from the rent and if you have used more it will be added to your rent.

Home insurance

You will need valid home insurance for the entire rental period for your rental contract to be effective. Home insurance is needed to cover any damages to the apartment for example in case of a fire. It will also cover your personal belongings that you keep in the apartment. Example of companys for home insurance are:

  • Folksam
  • Trygghansa
  • If
  • Dina försäkringar


Register your address

When you move in you will need to register your address at the Tax Office, which is easily done on their webpage. If you are sharing the apartment your room mate also needs to register at the Tax Office, even if you are the only one on the contract. (Only one person is written on our contracts). To receive your mail to your new address, please change your address as soon as you get it from us.

Change your address here.

Furniture and fittings

All apartments have a kitchen and bathroom and they are all furnished. The apartments have kitchen utensils, everything needed in a kitchen, such as glasses, plates, knives, and forks, etc. However, there is no electrical equipment like for example coffee makers, irons, etc in the apartments. If you have any questions about exactly what is included in the Kitchen you should make a faulty report to your Housing Host on My pages. It is possible to buy extra fittings (mattress, duvet, pillow, and bedding).

Extra mattress – 900 SEK

Duvet – 200 SEK

Pillow – 50 SEK

Bedding – 100 SEK

If you want to buy extra fittings please state which item in your order and send an email to our Customer Service Office at info@chalmersstudentbostader.se with your order.

My Pages

Here you can make a fault report and follow the ones you have already made. You can also see your payments, edit your contact information and also book the laundry room, etc. Your find ‘My Pages’ in the top right corner.

If you don´t have a Swedish Social Security number you need to log in with your date of birth and the ID written in the contract. Normally it ends with 0P (YYMMDD0P), but if someone else has the same birthdate you might get nr 1P, 2P, 4P, etc in the end so please check the contract. You will need to make a password reset under “First visit”.

Remember to contact us with a copy of your ID when you have got a Swedish social security number. You will need to update the Chalmers Student union as well.

Fault report

If there is a fault in your apartment, please report it on My Pages.