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Council of Trustees (Förtroenderådet)

The council of trustees is a non-profit organization consisting of tenants run by unpaid students, working for you who live at Chalmers Studentbostäder.

Council of Trustees

The Council of Trustees is an association consisting of tenants who work on their free time in the interest of Chalmers Studentbostäder’s tenants. As a primary tenant, you automatically become a member.

The Council of Trustees negotiate annual rent levels on your behalf and continuously meets with Chalmers Studentbostäder to discuss improvements in the housing areas. Chalmers Studentbostäder also negotiates an annual grant to the Council of Trustees and its members, i.e. all our tenants. This grant is used to arrange garden parties and other activities.

The Council of Trustees also has several premises, for the use of tenants.

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