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Termination & move out

There is a lot to think about, therefore we have made a checklist below for you to follow. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

1. Terminate your tenancy contract

You can terminate the contract for your apartment on My Pages. If you are moving to a new apartment, the notice period is seven weeks. Although, if you are moving to one of our apartments, the notice period is four weeks. In this case, we will send you a confirmation of the termination of your current tenancy contract. If you have a short-term tenancy contract, the notice period is seven weeks. If you want to move during the first days of a month the notice period is three calendar months.

If you have stayed with us for six years, and therefore reach the maximum amount of years, you will need to terminate your contract on My Pages.

If you have a masters apartment it is a different procedure, click here for more information.

Setting the date to move out
You can move out every week and the moving day is usually on Tuesdays, with an exception for holidays or if we have reached maximum notices that week. Please, check the calendar on My Pages for a suitable day to move. Within two weeks after you terminate your contract you will receive an e-mail with information about the moving process. If you have not received your confirmation within two weeks, contact us at info@chalmersstudentbostader.se

2. Viewing of your apartment

According to the Tenancy Act, you are obligated to let the apartment be showed if a prospective tenant wishes to. This could be done by pictures or a video. If the prospective tenant wishes to view the apartment, you will be contacted.

3. Technical inspection

Before you move out, an inspection of your apartment will be done to check for damage and that everything that should be in the apartment is there. You will receive an e-mail from your housing host when the inspection will be made. If your apartment is damaged or in the case of abnormal wear, you might need to pay for repairing it.

Before the inspection, please make sure that everything that came with the apartment is there. This could be hat racks, curtain rails, etc. If you wear handed instruction manuals when moving in, please leave them for the next tenant. If you rented an apartment that is furnished, please make sure that all the furnishes are there when you move out.

4. Change of address

When you move out you will need to change your address at the Tax Office “Skatteverket”, which is easily done on their webpage. To receive your mail to your new address, please change your address a couple of weeks before you move.

Are you moving within Sweden?
Reporting a change of address – Skatteverket
You can report a change of address by using the e-service with your Mobile Bank-id, or by using the form
“Flyttning inom Sverige (SKV 7845)”.
Unfortunately Skatteverket only provides this form in Swedish.
Please contact us if you need help with the form.

Are you moving Abroad?
Fill out the form “Moving Abroad Notification” (SKV 7665)

Upload the form to Skatteverket
(If you cannot use the e-service).
After you have filled out the form. Save it and upload it here. 
E-mail us “Send us a message” – Skatteverket

5. Cleaning

When you have emptied your apartment and handed in your keys, a cleaning inspection will be made. Please read and follow our cleaning guide. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to go back and clean your apartment again if the cleaning inspection is not approved. Instead, we will hire a cleaning company which you will have to pay for.

We have a corporation with the cleaning company Vital Städ. If you choose to hire Vital Städ, they will clean your apartment properly and the cleaning inspection will be approved. RUT deductions can be used, which means that the cleaning is done at a favorable price. RUT deductions may be used provided that the customer of the cleaning service has a Swedish social security number and is registered at the address.

6. Keys

Your keys should be handed to our customer service at 10 o’clock at the latest, on the last day of your contract. Please, hand in the keys to your apartment, the post box, the Aptus-tags, and keys to your storage unit if you had one. On My Pages, under Contract, you can find the last day of your contract.


Moving out early
There might be a possibility to move out early, and the new tenant can move in early as well. Following the Personal Data Act (PUL) we are not permitted to divulge the new tenant’s contact information without authorization. However, we can forward your wish to move out early to the new tenant. You can also ask the new tenant during the viewing of your apartment. However if your apartment is to be renovated or if your move out date is around bank holidays, the next tenant will not be able to move in earlier.

Together, you and the new tenant needs to mutually agree on a date for the new tenant to move in, payment of rent for the relevant period, cleaning, repairing holes in walls, and painting.