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Individual metering and billing (IMD)

Some of you who live with us pay for household electricity and hot water outside of your base rent. Therefore, we have a system called IMD (Individual Measurement and Billing). It is a system for reading individual consumption for each apartment. In buildings where such a system is not available, or when the reading system is not functioning, an average base rate is charged, which is then adjusted in the rent based on your actual consumption. Smart and fair, right?

How does it work?

Individual Measurement and Billing means that as a tenant, you only pay for the household electricity and/or hot water you have used. This is accounted for two months in arrears, ensuring everything is accurate. The base rate in the rent is a fixed cost, an average calculation based on what is usually consumed depending on the size of your apartment.

The rent notice for a month comes around the 10th-15th of the previous month, and if you have consumed less than the base rate, it is deducted from the rent. If you have consumed more than the base rate, it is added to the rent instead. For household electricity and hot water, a 25% VAT is added, and this is billed from the same month the measurement starts. Keep in mind that the rent is paid one month in advance, which means the rent for the next month is to be paid at the end of the previous month. Just as it usually is.

What’s good about IMD then?

You have the opportunity to influence your consumption and thus your fixed costs. This usually leads to reduced energy usage, saving both your wallet and the environment. Below are image examples of how it works when you move into the apartment for the first time or when we first start IMD in a property.


Payment slip for October

Notified in September

Standard amount
-“Electricity-Calculated” and/or “Hot water-Calculated is written on the payment slip for the first time

Payment slip for November

Notified in October
(IMD) starts

Standard amount
-Measurements are collected October 1-31

Payment slip for December

Notified in November

Settlement is made
-Settlement is made for what you used in October (2 months afterwards).
-Additional usage “Electricity” and/or Additional usage “Hot water”, is written on the payment slip.
If you have used less than the standard it will be deducted from the rent. If you have used more than the standard it will be added to your rent.