Longer response time during the summer

22 June, 2021 Områdesnyhet

During the summer, our response time will be longer than usual due to vacation. If you need help fast, please call our on-call team on their phone number +4631 - 772 97 97.   We wish you a happy summer!   Chalmers Studentbostäder

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Termination of apartment via My Pages.

9 June, 2021 Områdesnyhet

We have identified a problem regarding termination of the apartment via My Pages. If you want to terminate your apartment, please contact our customer service at info@chalmersstudentbostader.se or by phone 031-772 97 00. This also applies to you who terminated your apartment during last week (week 22). Send us a question and we can see if your apartment has been terminated or not.

The most satisfied tenants!

6 May, 2021 Nyheter Områdesnyhet

The most satisfied tenants in Sweden live in Gothenburg, at Chalmers Studentbostäder. Every year the student housing industry performs a customer survey where the tenants get to give their opinion about their accommodation and their landlord. In 2021 years survey as many as 70% of the students answered the survey and the results was 78(SKI). A fantastic result that means that Chalmers Studentbostäder has Sweden’s most satisfied customers, compared to other big student housing companies! Despite the record-breaking result we will not rest, but we see our success as an incentive and strive to become even better!

Winners in this years customer survey (NKI)

26 April, 2021 Nyheter Områdesnyhet

This years customer survey is now finished and the winners have been notified. The 6 lucky winners of a rent free month are Omar Oueidat Maria Hörnell Sofie Groth Mercedes Dalman Alexander Radne Martin Jirlow   Then there are 5 tenants who got in 2nd place and a voucher at IKEA and another 25 tenants who get a voucher at the restaurant "Ät och Njut" in Emilsborg. Those of you who won a voucher have gotten an email with information to pick it up at our Customer Service Office during our opening hours.   Thanks for helping us get better!   Kind regards, Chalmers Studentbostäder

Removal of parking meters at Emilsborg / Landala / Nålskäran

20 April, 2021 Områdesnyhet

The company Svensk Parkering manages all our parking spaces. From Monday 26 April, all parking meters will be replaced with signs and parking will take place via an app - EasyPark. Be sure to enter the correct registration number on the car you park. The parking meters will stop working on Sunday 25 April. For questions, contact Svensk Parkering phone. (+46) 31-65 02 60. Signs with information will be available in the area.

Short term contracts available

15 April, 2021 Områdesnyhet

We have now published short-term contracts! Most of them are for 3-4 months. Apply through the link below and the head line "Short-term contract" https://www.chalmersstudentbostader.se/en/sok-ledigt/?cl=1256732469 Kind regards, Chalmers Studentbostäder

Control of study results

24 March, 2021 Områdesnyhet

Today we sent out an email to those of you, about 350 tenants, who have not met the study requirements. Please read the information about the study control and the options you have before you contact us. https://www.chalmersstudentbostader.se/en/control-of-study-results/ Due to the study control our workload is bigger than normal. We ask for your patience since it will take longer for you to get a reply.   We will handle your questions by email. info@chalmersstudsentbostader.se   Kind regards,   Chalmers Studentbostäder   2021-03-24

Win a rent-free month! – Answer the Customer survey 2021

17 March, 2021 Områdesnyhet

Help us improve your living area Remember to answer the customer survey 2021, and take the chance to influence and have a chance to win a rent-free month! Once again, it is time for our survey to cover how you feel about your living area. We have sent you an e-mail with the survey, if you cannot find it, please check your junk mail as well. The more answers we get, the more we can improve. This year, we are turning 60 years, therefore, we have increased the number of prizes in our contest in relation to our customer survey. When you have replied to our survey and the tie-breaker question, you will automatically take part in our contest. This year, the prizes are: First prize: One rent-free month, to 6 winners Second prize: Discount card at IKEA, to 5 winners Third prize: Gift card at Ät & Njut, the restaurant at Emilsborg to 25 winners How we have worked with the result from last year’s survey We have looked over and improved unsafe outside locations. Improved lighting and removed boscage. Improved our webpage and redesigned it. More barbequing areas are being renovated and we are adding new ones this year. During the year, we will purchase outdoor furniture for several of our areas. Renovation of surface layers in a number of our laundry rooms will occur during the year. New laundry machines to a number of our laundry rooms. We have invested in the garbage disposal at Emilsborg and are planning for a new garbage disposal station and a box for you to leave clothes for second-hand. During this year, we are renovating the surface layers in a number of the garbage rooms at our buildings. Kind regards, Chalmers Studentbostäder