20 August, 2021 Områdesnyhet

Get vaccinated today without booking. KRY are now opening for students to get vaccinated through drop in at Chalmers Union house daily between 13-16 (Mon-Fri). You can take either dose 1 och 2. For dose two, you need your vaccination card and at least 7 weeks from the first dose.   If it gets crowded, we may provide a booked time the same day to avoid queues.

Termination via My pages is running again.

9 August, 2021 Områdesnyhet

We have previously informed you that termination via My Pages is out of order. The problem is solved and you can now terminate your contract on My Pages, with at least 7 weeks notice.   Please contact us if you experience problems with the termination.

Longer response time during the summer

22 June, 2021 Områdesnyhet

During the summer, our response time will be longer than usual due to vacation. If you need help fast, please call our on-call team on their phone number +4631 - 772 97 97.   We wish you a happy summer!   Chalmers Studentbostäder

The most satisfied tenants!

6 May, 2021 Nyheter Områdesnyhet

The most satisfied tenants in Sweden live in Gothenburg, at Chalmers Studentbostäder. Every year the student housing industry performs a customer survey where the tenants get to give their opinion about their accommodation and their landlord. In 2021 years survey as many as 70% of the students answered the survey and the results was 78(SKI). A fantastic result that means that Chalmers Studentbostäder has Sweden’s most satisfied customers, compared to other big student housing companies! Despite the record-breaking result we will not rest, but we see our success as an incentive and strive to become even better!