Till nyhetsarkivet

Smoke alarm’s day

Winter and Christmas are just around the corner, cozy evenings with candles are also included. At the same time, the risk of fire also increases. That is why we at Chalmers Studentbostäder want to pay attention to the smoke alarm’s day on 1 December! With this, we want to inform you about testing your smoke alarm. If your smoke alarm does not work, you must make a fault report on My Pages.

Most of our apartments are equipped with earth fault circuit breakers and in connection with you testing your smoke alarm, you also test your earth fault circuit breaker. The earth-leakage circuit breaker is located in your control panel and is equipped with a small button that you press. The switch then trips and you reset by pulling the lever up again. If it does not work, report this on My Pages.

Don’t forget to turn off candles after you leave the room!


Merry Christmas

Chalmers Studentbostäder