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Laundry room

All of our apartments have access to a shared laundry room. The laundry rooms are available seven days a week, around the clock. The length of the laundry session varies from property to property, you have 12 laundry sessions a month at your disposal. If you have booked a session, you are the only one who can enter the laundry room.

Book the laundry room

Outside all laundry rooms, you can book a session on a booking board, which is either digital or paper. In the properties that have the Aptus system, the laundry room is also bookable via My Pages.

When you have booked the laundry room

You must start your first wash 15 minutes after your session has started, otherwise, your booking will be canceled and your session is free to book for your neighbors. After your laundry session, you can still use the drying machines for one hour. After that hour, you can no longer enter the laundry room.

Please leave the laundry room as you wish it looks when you enter to start washing.

Tips and tricks for eco-friendly washing

  • Use allergy and eco-friendly stain-removing to pre-treat heavy stains
  • Your clothes may not need to be washed, try to air them instead
  • Load a full machine, and not single items of clothing, and wash them on a low temperature to save energy
  • You won’t need as much laundry detergent as you may think. Take a look at the washing instructions on the packaging for guidance.
  • Use eco-friendly laundry detergent
  • Avoid fabric conditioner
  • Air dry your laundry or as much of your laundry as possible