Conditions for housing

As a tenant with us, you need to be a member in one of the following student unions
  • Chalmers student union
  • Sahlgrenska Akademins Studentkår
  • Konstkåren
  • Göta Studentkår
  • Handelshögskolans i Göteborg Studentkår

Please note that it is not possible to collect housing queuing points for an earlier term or period prior to you becoming a member of your student union.

Besides being a member of one of the above student unions, you also need to pass at least 25 % of full-time studies. We perform a control of study results regularly, to ensure that all of our tenants fulfill the study requirement.

If you request an exemption from the study requirement, please read an fill out this form. The notice period is four weeks.

You need to have turned 18 years old and have signed valid home insurance throughout the entire tenancy period.

If you have not turned 18 you need help with expressing interest.
If you are under 18 years old and are studying at a university, please contact us if you wish to apply for an apartment. Apartments are normally published Tuesday to Wednesday and you need to send an email to by Tuesday when the apartments are published so that we have the possibility to help you express interest before the publishing is gone. Remember that you can only apply for 5 apartments each week. Use the heading “Interest in Apartments before turning 18” so that we can help you as quick as possible.

What happens if I am offered a contract before I turn 18? 
In case you are offered an apartment before you turn 18 your parents or leagal guardian needs to sign the contract.

Read our tenancy rules here.

The rental period has a limit of six years per tenant. An extension can be granted with a maximum of three years if the tenant is a postgraduate student. After you are finished with your studies, you need to move out within three months.
There is an opportunity to sublease your apartment, for example, if you are going to study abroad. For more information, please click here!