New projects

We are investing in the future! Chalmers Studentbostäder plans to build upwards of 1000 new student apartments by 2020. The idea is that the apartments will be near and adjacent to the Chalmers Johanneberg Campus. In addition to this we have concrete plans to build even more apartments in the future. Read more about our construction projects below.

Contact: Project Manager Åke Thunberg, 031- 772 97 11,


Mossen’s peripheral zone

Together with Göteborgs Stad and Göteborgs Studenters Företagsgrupp AB we plan to develop the peripheral zone to the east of Gibraltargatan to create a better, more interesting and more exciting place for everyone by constructing beautiful, climate-smart, green buildings.
The development project consists of housing for 450 students and researchers along with the expansion of Fysiken and Akademihälsan. An early estimate is that tenants will be able to take up residency 2023/24

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More about Mossen’s peripheral zone


120 apartments, Emilsborg 5, Gibraltargatan, Krokslätt

On Gibraltargatan between Emilsborg/Emilsborg 4 and Brf. Lilla Le we will be building approximately 120 student apartments and a preschool containing five departments in the same building. In addition existing pavements will be upgraded to include a pedestrian section and a bicycle path. The zoning plan was accepted by the Planning Committee in Gothenburg in December 2015. The aim is to start construction in the beginning of 2017 with tenants taking up residence during 2018.

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Chalmers studentbostäder 20131127.indd

54 apartments, Emilsborg, Gibraltargatan, Krokslätt

54 new student homes will be created between the buildings at Gibraltargatan 82 and Gibraltargatan 94 which currently contain about 400 small student apartments. Energy efficiency measures will be implemented in connection with the renovation and extension of the existing buildings. The zoning plan is expected to gain legal effect during 2018/2019. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2018. The whole project, included renovation and energy efficiency measures, has estimated completion in 2022.

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240 apartments in Chalmers Kårbo, Campus Johanneberg

Chalmers Kårbo is a high rise building consisting of 24 floors that we plan to build close to Olgas Trappor and Teknologgården on the Johanneberg Campus. This building will make Chalmers visible from several perspectives and it will consist of approximately 240 student and researcher apartments, commercial space and short-term housing.

Construction is estimated to begin in 2018/2019 with estimated completion in 2022. The planning process is ongoing. Consultation and information meetings where held in in September and October 2015.

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29 apartments, HSB Living Lab, Johanneberg Campus

he sustainable homes of tomorrow, what will they look like? On the Chalmers Johanneberg Campus we plan to build student housing that will also function as an ”apartment lab” The scope of the project is 29 student and researcher apartments as well as an exhibition section consisting of meeting rooms, a laundry room and a showroom for research results.
The HSB Living Lab is a collaboration between HSB, Johanneberg Science Park and the Chalmers research programme ”Homes of tomorrow” among others. Chalmers Studentbostäder is part of the project and will manage moving in and moving out, etc. Under construction, with tenants taking up residence in 2016.

Read more about HSB Living Lab

For more detailed information please contact HSB.

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HSB-Living-Lab-fasad-sept 2015


400–600 apartments, Chalmers Tvärgata/Gibraltarvallen
Campus Johanneberg

In cooperation with Akademiska Hus and Chalmersfastigheter are we planning for more student and research apartments along Chalmers Tvärgata and at Gibraltarvallen. Construction is estimated to begin in 2017–2020 with completion 2019–20121. The planning process is ongoing. Consultation and information meetings where held in September and October 2015.

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Holtermanska, Stena Center, Landala

In 2015 a parallel assignment is to be carried out to develop the areas Landalagatan, Holtermansgatan and Guldhedsgatan at the current Stena Center. This development will contain a 3 000 m² modern innovation centre for Chalmers Innovation and approximately 15 000 m² for student and researcher housing which will be a link between the city and Chalmers.

This project is a partnership between Chalmers Studentbostäder and Chalmers Innovation in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg. The planning process is will start in January 2017 and is estimated to gain legal force Q2/Q3 2019. We hope to begin construction in 2020 with tenants taking up residence in 2022.

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