Newly admitted

Before the start of the fall term, we set aside and earmark about 100 apartments that we allocate to students who are newly admitted at Chalmers.


This page is for those of you who have applied to Chalmers University of Technology for the first time. Before the start of the fall term, we set aside and earmark about 100 apartments that we offer to students who have never been tenants at Chalmers Studentbostäder, never studied at Chalmers University of Technology and are newly admitted at Chalmers. But how do I become a tenant? Who gets an apartment? When can I move in? We understand that you might have a lot of questions and we have tried to answer them all on this page!

International Master students with guaranteed housing click here.


Our apartments

We have 2 382 apartments. To rent one of them, you will need to be an active student at Chalmers University of Technology or the University of Gothenburg and a member of a student union. You can be a tenant with us for a maximum of six years.

Every year about half of all our apartments changes tenants. In order to get a first-hand lease, you need to study and hold a student union membership, but also have a number of queue points accumulated. Read more  questions and answers here. This applies to all students in Gothenburg; however, it should be stated that we have several apartments that are earmarked for international master students and visiting researchers and likewise.

We appoint apartments every week, all year round. Make sure you hold a place in our housing queue and apply for the available apartments that we publish continuously.

New at Chalmers fall 2021?

Before the start of the fall term, we set aside and earmark about 100 apartments that we allocate to students who have never been tenants with us, never studied at Chalmers University of Technology and are newly admitted at Chalmers.

Clarification – Who is newly admitted at Chalmers?
You are admitted to Chalmers for the first time, refers to  students in programs. Includes technical base year/including Technical base distance, foundation and master.

If you have studied math during the summer it is not counted, ie does not mean that you have studied at Chalmers before. Even a distance course = NOT Chalmerist. If you have studied many different things, or a course on site = Chalmerist. You should not have studied anything else at Chalmers. If you have been admitted before and not started your studies, it does not count as if you have studied at Chalmers.

International students who have not studied at Chalmers before can also express interest for the apartments.

Why only Chalmers?

Stiftelsen Chalmers Studenthem was founded by Chalmers Student Union and Gothenburg Municipality. You can read more about our history here. We have been commissioned by our founders to earmark 100 apartments for newly appointed students at Chalmers before each autumn term.

How is the selection made?

We use a random selection of individuals from a list we receive from Chalmers University of Technology over admitted students who have not previously been enrolled at the university in combination with individuals who are in our queue. We appoint apartments until we have filled the quota of approximately 100 apartments. This means that we will not take any queue points into account but focus on whether you are new at Chalmers or not.


How do I express interest?
In order to have a chance to get one of the apartments for newly admitted at Chalmers, you need to send an email to latest by 2021-08-01.

It is important that your email is from the same email address you have registered on My Pages. If you send from another email address, we will not be able to match your email address and your application will not be handled.

When can I express interest?

It has been possible to express interest since this page was set up March 18, 2021. The last day to express interest is 2021-08-01. (After the 2021-08-01 it is no longer possible to express interest).


Do I still need to hold a place in your housing queue?

Yes, however, we do not have a separate queue for these 100 earmarked apartments as these are appointed randomly. Please make sure to also activate the queue when you register on My Pages.

Can I influence the selection in any way?

No, sorry. You cannot influence the selection in any way.


What type of apartments are earmarked?

They are all studio apartments with a monthly rent that doesn’t exceed 5100 SEK.

In which areas are these apartments found?

Most of them will be on Gibraltargatan, on Kemivägen and Rännvägen or on Kapellgången.


What happens if I decline an offer?

If you decline an offer, the appointed apartment will go to someone else. You keep your queue date but you will get one “declined offer” registered.

Do I need to be a member of the Student Union?

You need a Student union membership to be a tenant, however, we understand that during the first weeks of the term there may be days where you are not a member yet. Just make sure to pay your membership fee as soon as you get your invoice. It will not affect your chances of getting an offer.

What if I have special requirements?

Special requirements are handled separately. Please send an email to us at and attach a doctor’s note or equivalent and we will do our best to cater to your needs.


Will there be any open viewings of the apartments?

Unfortunately, there will not be any viewings.


When will the apartments be assigned to their tenants?

The list of admitted students to Chalmers will be made available to us in the first days of August. We will start our process as soon as possible after that. It might take at least 2 weeks before this is complete.

How do I know if I get an apartment?

We will send you an email. Please ensure that your contact details are correct and updated under the internal my pages. Also make sure to check your trash in order to not miss any of our emails.


Do I keep my queue date if I get an apartment?

Unfortunately, your queue date will be erased if you get an apartment. You will need to activate the queue again.


Which documents do I need to provide?

“Antagningsbesked från Chalmers för Hösten 2021” – “Letter of admission to Chalmers University of Technology for the Fall Term 2021”. Do not send us any documents in advance. You will be asked to upload it when signing a contract online.


When can I move in?

Access to the apartments and moving in take place every week. Which week it will be in your case is too early to say. We estimate that all of the apartments will be available for moving in from mid-August to beginning of October.


I have other questions!

Please send us an email at and we will do our best
to answer any specific questions that you may have.


Page updated: 2021-07-07