Moving in


Welcome to your new home!

Before you move it’s a lot to think about, and maybe it’s your first time away from home or your first own apartment. That is why we have listed some things to think about below. For more information, please read “Welcome to Chalmers Studentbostäder”.

Change of address

Before you move you might need to change your address at the tax office, for more information please click here. To make sure your post isn’t sent to the wrong address, please register your new address at least a week before you move.

Home Insurance

For your tenancy contract to apply you need to have valid home insurance during the entire tenancy period. Home insurance will provide you with basic protection in the case of burglary, water damage or fire, etc. Home insurance also covers damage to your storage facilities and if your bicycle is stolen. Thus, home insurance will give you safety if something happens!

Talk with your student union, they might have cooperation with an insurance company which can give you a discount.


When you move in you will receive a couple of keys, to your apartment and your post box. You will also receive two electronic tags, so-called Aptus-tags, which gives you access to communal areas. You can read more about your keys and how to order extra here.


We offer all of our tenants wi-fi since we have our own fiber-optic network. However, there is an exception for those of you living at Kapellgången 6 or 9, you will need to sign a contract with Framtidens Bredband. For more information about broadband and TV, please click here.


It is important to pay your rent on time. If you want, you can register for an e-invoice. Please read more about the rent here.

Things on the walls and damages

We ask all of our tenants to be careful with drilling a hole in the wall to put up pictures, shelves, etc. We recommend you buy special hooks with glue so that you won’t need to damage the walls. If you choose to put things up on the walls, you will need to repair it when you move out, alternatively compensate us financially.

When you move out a technical inspection and cleaning inspection will be made. If there is any damage, like stains, marks on the floor or water damage you will need to pay for this. Therefore, you ask you to be careful with your apartment!

Other things

On our home page, you will find information about the laundry room, garbage disposal, the swimming pool for tenants along with other things! For any questions regarding your apartment please see “Living with us” or for more specific information about your housing, please see “Our housing”.

We hope that you will have a nice stay with us! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! You will find us on Gibraltargatan 82, phone number: 46 (0)31 772 97 00 or e-mail: