Publishing of available apartments

Chalmers Studentbostäder has 2240 apartments for students in Chalmers and Gothenburg University. Normally the apartments are published Tuesday to Wednesday every week.

If you are newly accepted to Chalmers the apartments reserved for you are published until week 33. (2018)

New rental rules Available apartments

New Internet Service Provider

19 December, 2018

Since a while back, the internet service has struggled with intermittent faults and limited connection speeds.   From December 1st BrainMill AB is the supplier we are working with to provide us with operation, maintenance and support. As a tenant, we hope you will experience nothing other than a well-functioning internet access connection. BrainMill have a service desk portal on the internet, where you can see real-time operational states, submit support requests and track your current issues. This portal is also linked from within “My Pages” on our webpage. The first time you have to "create" an account, to be able to a faulty report on your internet. This is done on the portal as well.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Enquiry Office at  

Uddjaur – a Green Building

18 December, 2018

The final touches are being done to prepare the opening of 118 new student apartments. You can read more about the new building here.

Applying for apartments

3 May, 2017

The earlier problem with applying for apartments is now fixed. We have prolonged the time to apply with one day. So the latest time to apply is Before 23:59 on thursday the 4th of May.