Publishing of available apartments

Chalmers Studentbostäder has 2340 apartments for students in Chalmers and Gothenburg University. Normally the apartments are published Tuesday to Wednesday every week.

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The project Holtermanska i moving forward! 

2 July, 2020

The local housing committee decided consultation for the project Holtermanska. During the consultation period, the country administrative board, administrative authority, and others may comment on the detailed plan for the project. The consultation period is between the 8th of July and the 8th of September. The project Holtermanska is a new development, with student- and guest researcher apartments, eight apartments for people with special needs, and 3000 square meters building for business activities.

We are one step closer to our goal! 

29 June, 2020

Last week, the local housing committee made a positive decision to test the detailed plan of the project Emils torn. The next year, the plan is estimated to start. Emils torn will be a high building with 16-18 floors, located on the courtyard of Emilsborg. Emils torn will be around 100 apartments

Be careful when cooking food

4 June, 2020

In a short period of time, the fire brigade has been called to our properties several times. This after worried neighbors felt fire smoke. We ask all our tenants to make sure that the stove and oven are turned off before you leave the apartment and keep an eye on your food when cooking. We are extremely grateful that the neighbors responded and alerted. With another scenario, that reaction could have been what prevented a disaster. If something similar happens, you have to make an assessment yourself if you should contact the fire brigade or our call on our faulty number 031-772 97 97. It is better to call once too much than the opposite.