Till nyhetsarkivet

Nominated for the student housing award!

Our new building Emilsbro, which was completed in 2021, is one of five nominated projects for the first edition of the student housing award at Studentbostadsföretagen! The competition criteria focus on innovation, sustainability, and design for the student target group’s needs – both educationally and privately.

The project is a modern densification project where we have created student housing on a surface that was not originally intended to be built on. With modern architecture and sustainable material choices, we have created a building that lasts over time. We have a clear target group and sustainability thinking with, among other things, an investment in Wi-fi optimization and a sustainable way of working.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners Liljewall, BrainMill AB, Nordiq Energy and Tommy Byggare AB for a successful project!

Now we keep our fingers crossed until the award ceremony.

The winner will be presented on February 9 at Studentbostadsföretagen.