Till nyhetsarkivet

For the spring semester 2022!

We hope you all had a great start to the new year! Maybe you’re in the middle of an exam or maybe you will start studying during the spring semester. We want to inform about some useful information that can be good to have with you both as an old and new student and living with us!

Renew / activate your membership in the student union

When the new semester starts, several union memberships expire. To purchase collect points in our housing queue, and to be allowed to live with us, you need to have a membership in a studentunion,:

  • Chalmers Studentkår
  • Sahlgrenska Akademins Studentkår
  • Konstkåren
  • Göta Studentkår
  • Handelshögskolans i Göteborg Studentkår

If you don’t have a membership, you keep the points you have but can unfortunately not get new ones. This means that if your membership has time to expire before you renew it, you will not receive purchase points for the days that you are not a union member.

Search for housing

Maybe you are a new student and looking for housing in Gothenburg. We offer apartments through our housing queue. You can register in the queue here to start collecting points today. We usually say that you need to be in our housing queue for about 1.5-2 years before you are offered a contract. Therefore, it is important to activate and renew your union membership every semester. As a member of Chalmers Student Union, you collect double points per day. Make sure you have a Swedish personal number in both our system and in the student union. Remember that you need to log in once every six months and update your registration, otherwise you will lose your points. When you move into a new home, your purchase points are reset, then log in to My Pages and reactivate yourself to start collecting points again! You will find our available apartments here.

Apartments for guest researchers at Chalmers University of Technology will not be published on our webpage. They are administrated separately by the institution International Staff Mobility at Chalmers (ISMO) in collaboration with us. We do not choose who will be offered apartments for guest researchers,  this is done by ISMO.

Guest researchers at Chalmers should contact ISMO for the housing queue and questions regarding housing. Email to ismo.stodet@chalmers.se

We have Master apartments reserved for International Master students at Chalmers University of Technology. We do not have any apartments reserved for Master students at Gothenburg University.

The apartments reserved for Master students at Chalmers University of Technology are not published on our web page. They are administrated separately by the Student Center at Chalmers in collaboration with us. We do not choose who will be offered apartments for international master students. This is done by the Student Center.

Have your documents ready

To live with us, you need to prove that you are studying. You need a certificate to prove your studies by presenting your admission letter or that you are registered for at least 7.5 credits next semester when signing your contact. You also need to show your  membership in the student union.