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Annual summery 2022

Another year is drawing to a close and it has been an eventful year marked by a number of different events. Among other things, we will remember 2022 as the year when society returned to normal after a 2-year-long pandemic and the year when electricity prices and the climate issue were 2 of the most current topics of conversation.

We at Chalmers student housing have also had time to do a number of different things during 2022. Among other things, we finally opened our new student hostel on Holtermansgatan. An exciting and new concept, not only for students and researchers, but also a completely new type of activity for our administration. Digital development has been a big part of 2022.

Among other things, we have worked with and acquired more digital information screens in our stairwells, strengthened our presence on social media on another platform namely Instagram and much more! Some maintenance has characterized our administration during the year.

Below is a list of what happened in your particular area:

Gibraltargatan 78
Update of the barbecue area outside Emils Livs with, among other things, a new grill
New exterior lighting

Gibraltargatan 80
New washing machines and dryers

Gibraltargatan 82
Painting the inside of elevator doors

Gibraltargatan 94
Painting the inside of elevator doors
Rearrangement of stone surfaces outside the entrance
Painting of the outside garbage room

Gibraltargatan 84-92
Painting the floor in the mailroom

Gibraltarkroken 4
Rescheduling of discounts

Repainting of elevator halls
The needle cutter
Refreshment of laundry room
New outdoor furniture

Gibraltar guesthouse
New lighting in basement

Repainting of staircase
Surface renovation in garbage room
Floor renovation in corridors
Drying cabinets in laundry rooms
Furnish the terrace
Renovation of laundry rooms
The blue fire Automatic door opener to bike room was installed
Air improvement in garbage rooms

New lighting in the yard
Renovation of facade
Renovation of windows

At the end of 2022, we also received good news for our expansion when the building committee in its meeting endorsed the detailed plan Holtermanska for adoption by the Municipal Council in March 2023. If the detailed plan is not appealed after adoption by the Municipal Council, the detailed plan can win law in April 2023. Before 2023, we will work diligently with our sustainability work and digital development. During the spring, we will move to our new office on Holtermansgatan and we will continue to work with customer care, maintenance and development in our properties.

Now we look ahead and look forward to what 2023 has to offer. With that said, we would like to wish you all a very happy new year!